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Trip report Raja Anpat Isola di Wai.

Dicembre 2018

The last paradise on Earth The natural landscape of Raja Ampat is spectacular. There are those who compare it to a string of pearls tied together. In its waters there are approximately 600 different species of corals or 75% of the world's coral reefs. That's why many define it the coral triangle. This sparsely populated archipelago includes a thousand islands located off Sorong. Their sublime landscapes made up of islands covered by the jungle, beaches of burning white sand, hidden lagoons, creepy caves, strange mushroom-shaped islets and transparent waters, of a bright turquoise color, make Raja Ampat one of the most beautiful groups of islands of Southeast Asia.

Mozambico Arcipelago Quirimbas

Luglio 2018

Quirimbas Archipelago one of the most unexplored places in the Indian Ocean where the well-known American Oceanographic Silvya Earle claims that the coral reef of this place is the MOTHER of all Reef !! I leave you a link of his presentation on the preservation of the oceans.

Maldive atollo di Raa

Aprile 2018

Maldives, what they are today, what they have become and how the coral reef is adapting to climate change and the exploitation of these Indian Ocean pearls.

Komodo Indonesia

Agosto 2017

Komodo is one of the islands of the Flores archipelago Indonesian island one of the pearls of this fantastic country dotted with small islands with a coral reef with a wealth and a variety of fish that leaves you in suspense.


Dicembre 2017

Zanzibar the most famous Tanzanian tourist island but still with secret places and the effect of the tides that in this place is really impressive. Small islands of this archipelago where they try to preserve the sea and the barrier from devastating mass tourism.




Hello I am Maurizio Agliani (Turin 26 July 1969), in love with the sea since he was a child, a passion transmitted by my father who is also passionate about the sea and diving, at the age of 14 he gets his first PADI open water patent and in the following years up to DIVEMASTER. I am a hectic traveler in a few years I visit the most renowned places for divers, Maldives before the beginning of mass tourism 1984 Red Sea, Thailand, Indonesia, Africa, Mexico and many others. I have more than 1000 dives in the most famous tropical seas of the planet earth. I was the owner of an aquarium shop for 15 years where I learned a lot about the life of corals and tropical fish, learning the names, behaviors, nutrition and survival of this small world locked in a crystal box and becoming aware of the fragility of the marine world .


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